As a Teaching Fellow on the MA in English Linguistics at UCL, I convene the modules on English Phonetics and Phonology and English Language in Use, and I contribute to the module on English Corpus Linguistics. I also contribute to the undergraduate course on Modern English Language.

At the University of Nottingham, I have taught the MA module on Intercultural Communication, including topics such as cross-cultural pragmatics, speech acts across cultures, intercultural communication in the workplace, and non-verbal communication and culture.

As a graduate student at the University of Oxford, I have taught a variety of topics for the Faculty of Linguistics and the Computing Laboratory, including: tutorials in Linguistics, Pragmatics, and Discourse Analysis to undergraduates of the Medieval and Modern Languages Faculty (first and second years) and visiting students; tutorials in Theory of Translation for final year and MSt. students; classes in Linguistics to accompany the Computational Linguistics lectures given as part of the MSc in Computer Science at the Computing Laboratory.

last updated June 2013